Welcome to Spiez! There are 2 ways to walk to our house. 

1. The blue way is a little bit longer, but easier to walk, there are almost no height differences.

2. The green way is faster but first you go all down and then up again.


You don't want to walk? Ask for our pickup! If we are available we pick you up for CHF 7.50 one way.


If you can not find us, don't hesitate to contact us  - ++41 33 654 27 36 or ++41 79 903 65 81. We are pleased to help you.

Front view of the house, when you come the green way. 

Come in! Enter into the garden, there is no door bell outside. Maybe our dog Kira welcomes you, no worries, she is sweet and kind!

Go to the main door.

Ring the door bell! If we are not at home contact us and we give you the entrance code to open the door. You can use our wifi, the login information is written in your airbnb confirmation.

Take your key, according to your room reservation.

1st floor: Niesen

2nd floor: Niederhorn & Schloss

The room doors have written the names on it. Guest toilet and bathroom are on the 1st floor.